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2019 Results

Singles Championship

  • Winner:  :       G. Barnes    
  • Runner-Up:    S. Millidge  

Singles Two Wood

  • Winner:           D. Hewitt   
  • Runner-Up:     S. Millidge 

Singles Handicap

  • Winner:           D. Hewitt
  • Runner-up:     G. Barnes

Singles Maiden

  • Winner:             John Forryan 
  • Runner-Up:      Brian Peart

Mens Pairs

  • Winners:           M. Bradley & D. Hewitt
  • Runners-Up:     T. Robinson & S. Beamish

Mixed Pairs

  • Winners:          Mrs M. Groombridge & J. R. Godden            
  • Runners-Up:    Mrs D Clare & G. Barnes     

Two Wood Pairs

  • Winners:             M. Wilkin & F. J. Barrett       
  • Runners-Up:       G. Davidson & M. Bradley