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Welcome to the coaching page – you must be interested in either starting to bowl or improving your game or else you would not have reached this far into the website. So where do we go from here before you click onto another page? Well, In most cases people want to improve their game, whether it’s the first time you pick up a bowl, you’ve been playing for a couple of years, or you want to be club champion or you are aiming even higher - then coaching is the best way forward.

“There is no point in spending hours practising if what you are practising is incorrect. Bad bowling habits are easy to pick up but can be difficult to get rid of.” 

Bowls coaching is not just about stance and delivery, however, this is important as it can be compared to building a house – if there is not a good foundation then the house will not stay upright. So you need to start with a good stance and delivery. There are several other aspects to be considered – an understanding of the game, shot development, tactics, reading a head, and psychology to list but a few.

The United Kingdom Coaching Strategy describes the role of the sports coach as one that "enables the athlete to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavours".

Here at Hinckley Bowling Club we have a number of coaches who are prepared to work with people to help them reach their goal. We are happy to introduce people to the sport and spend time with them so they can get out of the sport what they want from it, This may be “I just want to be able to play in club games and feel that I have contributed something”, or it may be that they want to progress to more advanced sessions in order to improve their skill level.

If you would like further information please email –

We have two coaches at the Club who are prepared to come to your club (within easy travelling distance) and work with you on your green, or you can come to us. This would be arranged at a time to suit all those involved.

Also we have the facility to arrange an evening event for youth groups/societies and clubs etc. We can bring a shorter indoor form of the game to your meeting place to give you a taste of what this sport is about (we require approx. 45ft x 8ft of flat floor space).